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A picture is worth a thousand words, the picture as conversation.
What's a VoiceThread Anyway?


Grade One Collaborative Thread (partners- one posts audio, other draws picture of audio statement)
Weskids Grade 1/2 Google Earth Reflections
Rachel (3 year old) gets a haircut
Mental Math Strategies Grade 6
LS Music Young Composers Year 4/5 Making Music
ASMadrid K3 Introductions to partners
ASMadrid Grade 5 Art class wiki page for The Artists of Spain
Upper Elementary:Light and Temperature Science Fair Project
Primary:Investigating Animals
7th Grade Marine Life
HS US History- WWII
Global collaboration with 8 Kindergarten classes
My Dream Field Trip
More embedded samples from Grade 1 ELL class below
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Edutopia "VoiceThreads: Extending the Classroom with Interactive Multimedia Albums"


Langwitches, Sylvia Tolisano, Digital Storytelling tools: VoiceThread
Voicethreads for Education
Facilitator Tips VoiceThread Tutorial

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Voicethread 4 Education
Educational Software Wiki
CR2.0 Voicethread Wiki page
Digital Stories Wiki


Teachers Teaching Teachers #86 Giving All Schools Access to VoiceThread-A Conversation with Ben Papell and Steve Muth-01.09.08
Teachers Teaching Teachers #107 - What have we learned this year with VoiceThread? 06.04.08

ASMadrid Grades 1, 2 ESL Threads:

Upper Elementary:Light and Temperature Science Fair Project